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Here students will read most important short questions of the 10th calass Islamiate from the punjab board. Students if you belong from other boards so don't worry please read one time and notice which types questions come in the Punjab boards papers. Student we provide you only 10 Class Islamiat Important Short Questions without the answers to these questions so please find the answers to these questions from your key book or from a textbook or from a book where you already read these questions. But students if you want to download these 10 Islamiat Important Short Questions in pdf form then you can write all these questions in the google docs program where you can generate pdf files of any content. Also, Read 10 Class Chemistry Important Short Questions.

10 Clsss Islamiat Important Short Questions - 10TH Class

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10 Class Islamiat Important Short Questions | 10 Class Islamiat Short Questions - 10TH Class

These are the 10 Class Islamiat Important Short Questions:

  • What was the behavior of the hypocrites in the hours of trial during the ghazwa-e-Ahzab?
  • How did Allah almighty help the Muslims in Ghazwa-e-Ahzab?
  • Write down any two impacts of Ghazwa-e-Ahzab?
  • How should mominat step out of their homes?
  • According to surah ahzab, write down any two qualities of Nabi-e-Kareem.
  • Write down any manners that a guest should adapt according to surah ahzab.
  • Which Uswa-e-Hasna of Hazrat Ibrahim has been ordered to be followed?
  • What has Allah almighty instructed the momineen about immigrant mominaat?
  • Namaz is a pillar of religion (deen) how?
  • What is the saying of Hazrat Muhammad about the pleasures, who observes Rozah?
  • What is the lesson of hajj for us?
  • Write down any four advantages of taking a bath.
  • Explain any two ways of gratitude to Allah almighty.
  • What good news is from Allah almighty for those who leave their homes for the cause of Allah
  • Almighty?
  • Which two relations are included in family life?
  • Why martyred in jihad have been forbidden to say dead?
  • What has been said by Rasool Allah about the rights of slaves?

Students we hope you will really like and enjoy these 10 Class Islamiat Important Short Questions but students we also know that these questions are very less for the preparation of the paper so don't worry we will also try to update this post by adding some more Islamiat Short Questions.

10 Clsss Islamiat Important Short Questions

10 Class Islamiat Important Short Questions

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