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Students in this post you will read the Math short questions of class 10 for the metric students because this metric base is very important and every student wants to get good marks from other students so please read and complete these 10th Class Math Important Short Questions may be our short questions will help you in your paper. Students these questions are from the Punjab board which m, makes from the Punjab textbooks but our duty to provide you other board study solutions don't worry students we will try to find other boards than Punjab study solutions. Students we do not provide you download links or pdf files because we promote online education on our website. So please read online these 10th Class Math Short Questions online and find the answers to these questions from the textbooks or the essential books. Also, Read 10Th Class Islamiat Important Short Questions.

Class 10Th Math Short Questions

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10th Class Math Important Short Questions

These are the 10th Class Math Important Short Questions:

  • Write the quadratic equation x2+4/3 - x/7 = 1 in the standard form.
  • Solve x2+7x-2=0 using quadratic formula.
  • Define reciprocal equation.
  • Discuss the nature of roots of equation 2x2-7x+3=0. 
  • Evaluate (1-3w-3w2)5.
  • Without solving, find the sum and product of the roots of quadratic equation 3x2 +7x-11=0.
  • Define proportion.
  • Find third proportional to 6,12.
  • If v=R3 and V=5 when R=3 find R when V=625.
  • What is a proper fraction?
  • Eresolve 1/x2-1 into partial fractions.
  • If X = {1,4,7,9}, Y = {2,4,5,9}, then find YUX.
  • Define an onto function.
  • If L={a,b,c} , M ={3,4} then find two binary relations of LxM.
  • Find the sets X and Y, if XxY= {(a,a),(b,a),(c,a),(d,a)}
  • On 5 term tests in mathematics, a student has made marks of 82,93,86,92 and 79. Find the median of the marks.
  • Find arithmetic mean by direct method for the following set of data 12,14,17,20,24,29,35,45,
  • Define a frequency distribution.
  • Define an angle.
  • Express the following sexagesimal measure of an angle in decimal form 60,30 30”
  • Convert 3r/4 into degrees.
  • Find r when l=4cm,0=¼ radians.
  • Define projection.
  • Define tangent.
  • Define the sector of a circle.
  • Define triangle.
  • Define circumscribed circles.

Students we hope you enjoy after reading these Math Short Questions because these questions are very important according to the final exams point of view and students you know there are all questions we are collected from the final class 10 maths paper for the help of the 10 class students who will search on google then they can easily find our post on the google but don't forget to share these 10th Class Math Short Questions with more students on social media platform where much of 10 class students available for seeking these questions.

10th Class Math Important Short Questions

10th Class Math Important Short Questions

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