Students if you are looking for the important short questions of class 12th book CIVICS for the Punjab board students. So you are lucky because you have reached the right place (website) where you can find 2nd Year Civics Important Short Questions. But students you can find answers to these questions from your Punjab textbooks or from any key book of Civics because you have already learned related to these questions in your class. Therefore we did not provide you Civics Short Questions with answers. Students if you want to download these questions in a pdf file so please write all these questions in google docs where you can generate a pdf file of these. But we recommend to all the  students please read online these questions and also find questions and answers from google but it is not mandatory to find answers from google because it depends on you where you like. Students this is the 12th class Pakistani Civics book for the Punjab boards only. Also, Read Civics Past Paper 1st year.

Punjab Boards In Pakistan

  • Bahawalpur Board
  • D.G.Khan Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Multan Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Sargodha Board

12TH Class Civics Short Questions

Post Title2nd Year Civics Important Short Questions - 12th Class
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2nd Year Civics Short Questions | 12th Class Civics Short Questions

  • What did Quaid e Azam say with regard to religious freedom?
  • What did sir Syed prove in the booklet causes of India mutiny?
  • What is meant by Veto power in Lucknow pact?
  • What was the negative role of Hindu teachers in the separation of East Pakistan?
  • What is meant by primary education?
  • Write down two disadvantages of illiteracy.
  • What is meant by traffic control?
  • Write down two points of Pakistan's foreign policy.
  • Write down the names of two member countries of R.C.D.
  • When did OIC come into being?
  • Explain the advisory power of supreme court.
  • Throw the light on judicial powers of Pakistan's parliament.
  • Write down two causes of separation of East Pakistan.
  • What is meant by sovereignty of Allah almighty?
  • What was the role of big powers in the separation of East Pakistan?
  • How prime minister of Pakistan is elected?
  • How supreme court of Pakistan is constituted?
  • How chairman senate is elected?
  • What is meant by judicial review?
  • Write down two conditions to become a judge of High court.
  • What is meant by bi.cameral legislature?
  • Write down two conditions to become a member of national assembly of Pakistan as per 1973 constitution.
  • Write down two reasons for the separation of East Pakistan.
  • Write down two salient features of 1956 constitution.
  • Write down two points of objectives resolution.
  • When did Pakistan came into existence?
  • What is meant by ideology?
  • What is the role of Muslim newspapers in khilafat movement?
  • Write down names of any two books of sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
  • For what purpose Muhammadan defence association was formed.
  • Write down two basic points of Lucknow pact.
  • Write down any two steps taken for the success of khilafat movement.
  • Write down two powers of governor general according to act 1935.
  • When and who presented Pakistan resolution?
  • Write down the names of two Muslim members in the boundary commission formed under the June 3,1947 plan.
  • When and why was partition of Bengal repealed?
  • When and how many wars have been taken place between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir dispute?

2nd Year Civics Important Short Questions - 12th Class

2nd Year Civics Important Short Questions

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