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EDU601 Midterm Past Papers
EDU601 Past Papers Midterm

EDU601 Past Papers Midterm

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Post TitleEDU601 Past Papers Midterm
Book CodeEDU601
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Mid/FinalEDU601 Past Papers Midterm
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EDU601 Past Papers Midterm | EDU601 Midterm Past Papers 


Extra Short Questions 2 marks 

1.✍️ What is the difference maxims and discipline?

2. ✍️John Poul Criticism on kant philosophy? 

3.✍️ What is the value of ordinary knowledge to higher knowledge? 

      Short Questions 3 Marks 

4. ✍️Write three points of criticism on john dewey. 

5. ✍️Which method proposed kant instead of traditional curriculum in education. 

6. ✍️Write three criticism on plato work. 

       Long Questions 5 Marks 

7. ✍️Write views of aristotle on educational opportunities. 

8. ✍️Write five points on existentialism.

Papers Midterm 2

EDU601 .....Today

Time :12:00

John Dewey five step of effective inquiry ?

Alders education philosophy?

Why moral training  provided to children?

Prior and synthetic?

Aristotle physical competence ...yad ni ya question?

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