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ISL202 Final Term Solved MCQs

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ISL202 Solved MCQs Final Term | ISL202 Final Term Solved MCQs

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On whose suggestion did the Hijri calendar begin?

  • Hazrat Usman R.A
  • Hazrat Ali R.A
  • Hazrat Umar R.A
  • Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A 

According to the Hadith who will be called from all the gates of Paradise on the day of resurrection?

  • Hazrat Usman R.A
  • Hazrat Ali R.A
  • Hazrat Umar R.A
  • Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A 

Fill in the blank with the appropriate verb given below.

Not all currencies that are brokered on the world's major stock exchanges…………enough to generate windfall.

  • Are valuable
  • Of value 
  • Valued 
  • To be valuable 

Usman Bin Amir was the father of Hazrat …………

  • Hazrat Usman R.A
  • Hazrat Ali R.A
  • Hazrat Umar R.A
  • Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A 

The period of the Righteous Caliphate started in ………….

  • 11 A.H
  • 15 A.H
  • 9 A.H
  • 13 A.H

The Righteous Caliphate is the era of …………..Caliph.

  • 2
  • 8
  • 4
  • 6

In verses, 1 to 5 of Surah Al-Hujurat Allah has taught how many etiquettes of the holy prophet#39s SAW Majesty?

  • 5
  • 9
  • 7
  • 10

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If a person is married and commits adultery what is the punishment prescribed by islam?

  • Will be socially boycotted 
  • Will be killed 
  • Will be imprison 
  • Will be evicted 

There are ………….pillars of islam.

  • 4
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5

The most authentic interpretation of the Holy Quran is described by ……….. 

  • Ahl al-Bayt
  • Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • Sahaba 
  • None of the given options 

Believers do not waste money nor are they stingy but ………….

  • Needy 
  • Helpless
  • Moderate 
  • Debtor 

What do the believers do when the ignorant address them?

  • Do not greet 
  • Say slam and leave 
  • Fight 
  • Argue 

How did ibad-ur-Rehman respond to the advice of Allah?

  • Don't understand 
  • Think and ponder 
  • Don't listen 
  • Don't listen 

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said “the feet of the son of …….shall not move from before his Lord on the Day of judgment.

  • Ibrahim A.S
  • Adam A.S
  • Maryam A.S
  • Nooh A.S

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Who is responsible for protecting the Quran according to  the quranic verse we have revealed this great remembrance (Quran) and we will pre it?

  • Allah 
  • Muslim umma 
  • Holy prophet 
  • Scholars 

Why did Allah forbid killing children for fear of starvation in verse 151 of surah al an'am?

  • Because allah likes them 
  • Because allah needs servants 
  • Because allah creates them 
  • Because allah provides food 

The revelation of the quran according to the circumstances and events is called ……….order.

  • Nuzool 
  • Al-manuan   
  • Tauqifi
  • Al muffasal 

Hazrat ………… included among ummahat ul mumineen.

  • Fatima R.A
  • Aysha R.A
  • Maymoona R.A
  • Amina R.A

………… used often as the boundary between the surah of the holy quran.

  • None of them 
  • Masha allah 
  • Subhanallah 
  • Bismillah 

What is the punishment for speaking loudly in a meeting with the holy prophet?

  • Loss of wealth 
  • Loss of pious deeds 
  • Loss of prayers
  • Loss of al deeds 

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The literal meaning of sunnah is…………

  • Conduct of life 
  • Conduct of house 
  • None of the given options 
  • Conduct of family 

Imam Bukhari died in …………..


258 AH


273AH  (September 1, 870 AD)

The accepted Hadith is called…………..

  • Maqbool 
  • Muduw
  • Mardood
  • Hassan 

First of all …………….are the ones who deserve more help and kindness.

  • Colleagues 
  • Friends 
  • Non believers 
  • The relatives

The surahs in which the number of verses is almost one hundred are included in ……….


Masa ani 

Al - muffasal 

Al - sabba al tawal 

Can the scholars call something halal or haram by their own consent?

  • Maybe 
  • Absolutely not 
  • Not sure 
  • Absolutely yes 

The holy prophet has the greatest right over…………….

  • Muslims 
  • Human beings 
  • Jews 
  • Christions 

ibad-ur-Rehman does not testify ……………. 

  • Truth 
  • Angles 
  • Holy books 
  • Lies           

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The Quran is the ………..source of islamic Law.

  • 4th 
  • 3rd
  • 2nd
  • 1st

What did Allah SWT say about those who called you from outside the room?

  • That they are sinners
  • That they are wise 
  • That they are not aware 
  • That they will be recommended 

What did Allah command the mothers of the believers to do to distinguish them from infidelity and some save women?

  • No order was given 
  • Ordered to be lenient 
  • Ordered to cover (hijab)
  • Ordered to talk 

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ISL202 Solved MCQs Final Term

ISL202 Solved MCQs Final Term

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