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Students in this post you will find or read the quiz 3 mcqs of the MCM301 of the VU book. Students please read and complete this MCM301 Quiz 3 and also help your firsts by sharing this MCM301 Quiz so that they can also get good marks. Students you can also post the MCM301 book which we uploaded on our website for the VU Student's help. Students please try to read-only and don't demand of any pdf file for the Downalod of MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution. Students this is the MCM301 - Communication Skills Quiz 3 Solution for your help and for all other help who have thE Communications Skills book. Students, please try to read the first MCM301 handout book before any quiz, notes, questions, and past papers because most papers come in papers from handouts by reading handouts you will understand all the important topics then become very easy to solve the MCM301 Quiz 3 and midterm and final terms exams. Also, Read MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term.

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MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution

MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution Info
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Also, ReadMCM301 Solved MCQs

MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution

…………………….is the language of business correspondence written for a general readership.

  • Formal english 
  • African english 
  • Informal english 
  • Common english 

Selecting the correct option upon the presentation through visual aid depends rather than the presenter.

  • Feed back 
  • Equipment 
  • Audio 
  • Literature 

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All of the following are considered as the core values of correctness excerpt.

  • Proper grammar 
  • Punctuation 
  • Loudness 
  • Spelling 

Which one of the following groups often meets face to face with a common purpose in mind?

  • Informal group 
  • Formal group
  • Standard group
  • Universal group

All of the following statements about groups are true, EXCEPT:

  • Group members are interdependent 
  • Group members strive to achieve some common purpose 
  • Group members must interact face to face
  • Group members influence and are influenced by one another 

Supporting material can serve which of the following functions?

  • Provide proof
  • Increase interest 
  • Apply clarity 
  • All of the given options

Which one of the following is not required to keep conciseness in writing?

  • Including only relevant material 
  • Eliminating wordy expressions 
  • Adding extra and unrelated information 
  • Avoiding unnecessary repetition 

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Effective writers visualize the …………before starting to write.

  • Reader 
  • Story 
  • Colors 
  • Publisher

All of the following steps are found in the planning stage of business writing;Except

  • Proofreading 
  • Determine your purpose 
  • Consider your reader 
  • Choose your idea 

Diagrams are excellent for converting all of the following ; Except.

  • Information about shape 
  • Information about audience 
  • Information about structure 
  • Information about size 

The purpose of your message will determine:

  • How much you need to know about your idea
  • All of the given options 
  • How much you need to know about your reader 
  • How much you need to know about the background of your letter 

When using visuals in a presentation which of the following should be avoided?

  • None of the given options 
  • Taking time to explain the visual 
  • Fitting the visual to the material being discussed 
  • Talking to the visual 

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When do you think groups rather than individuals working alone should be used to solve a problem?

  • When the task is fairly simple and straightforward 
  • When commitment to the decision is important 
  • When the task requires a limited amount of information and skills 
  • When a quick resolution is essential 

Which of the following can help the presenter to avoid a computer catastrophe?

  • Have back - up technical support available 
  • Use the internet in real time 
  • Have a contingency plan 
  • Have a contingency plan 
  • Have a contingency plan and back up technical support available

In a well planned presentation where there is no need to record information that comes up on the spot , there may be no need for.

Chalk or dry-erase boards 

Photographic slides



His GPA in 2000(MBA) was 3.9 on a four point scale. Which of the following is a correct and more concrete example of the above statement?

  • He got a good score in his MBA program 
  • All of the given 
  • His GPA was good in 2000
  • His GPA was 3.9 on a four point scale 

All of the following are the characteristics of concrete writing EXCEPT:

  • Vivid
  • Definite 
  • Vague 
  • Specific 

Which of the following is not required to keep conciseness in writing?

Eliminating wordy expressions 

Avoiding unnecessary repetition 

Including only relevant material 

Adding extra and underrated information 

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Students we hope you may enjoy these MCM301 Solved MCQs. Studente these mcqs will help you for the preparation of MCM301 Quiz 3 as well as you can prepare final term exams mcqs from these mcqs. But if you feel that these are few marks but don't worry we also add the others posts links in our website so please read them also and read more MCM301 MCQs.

MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution

MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution

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