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Students if you are seeking the past papers of the Pak301 book for the midterm exams so you reach the right place where you can read much more past papers that students shared with us on WhatsApp groups when they attempted their papers. Our aim is to promote online education in Pakistan so our Pakistani students can get a good education with the help of the internet nowadays many students want to find free education on the internet, therefore, we make this website for the student's help. So please help us by sharing these PAK301 Past Papers Midterm with more students. Students you can not Download PDF File of PAK301 Past Papers because we upload papers as content so please read online. Also, Read CS402 Past Papers Midterm.

PAK301 Midterm Past Papers 

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PAK301 Past Papers Midterm | PAK301 Midterm Past Papers

PAK301 12.00

Total MCQs 28

4 question 3marks.

All mcqs from the quizzes except 2

  • . Q1. What is the base of muslim nationhood .. 
  • Q2.  Simon commission.
  • Q3.  Reserved and transformed subjects (elections of 1935)
  • Q4.  How many seats won by AIML in 1945 in legislative and how many in provincial elections 1946 in . Punjab, Bangal, Sindh, NWFP.

PAK301 Past Papers 2


  • 1:why Kashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India ( 5 marks) 
  • 2: Write three points of khilaft moment (5) 
  • 3: Write down contribution of sir syed ahmad khan ( 3) 
  • 4: write down three points of Lahore resolution (3) 
  • Mcqs kafi easy tha

PAK301 Past Papers 3


10:30 AM

24 ya 22 mcqs 

Ik short  3 mark 

2 long 5 mark each


Canal water solution 



1945 congres and muslim leagues

PAK301 Past Papers 3

PAK301 Current Paper (10-01-2022)

  • 1.How many year Allama iqball stay uorp. 3year
  • 2.Now And Never.1933.
  • 3.embedar hindu Muslim Unaity.Quaid e Azam
  • 4.sir syed go to england.1869
  • Philosophical expitation to ideology of pakistan.Allama iqball

PAK301 Past Papers 4

pak301 8.30am 15 jan

Mcqs(50% from handouts50% from past)

short question

  • 1. role of ch rehmat Ali
  • 2.urdu hindi controversy
  • long question
  • 1.Role of Quaid e Azam in two nations theory?
  • 2. indian act of july 1947?

PAK301 Past Papers 5


PAK301 Overseas

MCQs from handouts (mostly important dates and figures)

Sir Syed Ahmad Khans contributions

Emergence of Pakistan's Ideology in the Subcontinent

Significance of Lahore Resolution

3rd June Plan

PAK301 Past Papers 6

Kal Pak301 ka exam diya tha,

28 McQs thay

Or 2 question, 3 marks k,

Or 2 question, 5 marks k,

McQs YouTube say dekh kar gaya tha 70% usi me say aaye thay,

Or subjective me 1 question evolution or two nation theory wala tha,

1 question india Act wala tha,

1 question base of separate state in subcontinent wala tha,

Or 1 question mujhay yaad nahi

PAK301 Past Papers Midterm

PAK301 Past Papers Midterm

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