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Students here you can read the past papers of the PSY101 Virtual University Book and we uplaod these past papers for the student's help who are looking for the best place where they can find PSY101 Past Papers Midterm students you know this website is the best place where you can find the Students solutions. This is the PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology past papers for the midterm preparation only so that you can prepare for your midterm PSY101 book exams. Students, first of all, you should read carefully the full book of PSY101 handouts which the university provides to all the PSY101 students free of cost students please watch lectures and read the theories and clear your concept about the Introduction to Psychology. Also, Read STA301 Past Papers Midterm.

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PSY101 Midterm Past Papers

PSY101 Past Papers PSY101 Past Papers Info
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PSY101 Past Papers Midterm 1

Today is My paper


Time:- 4:00

Date:- 14 Jan 2022.


Mostly from handouts but easy thy. Total 16 thy.


4 short thy total.

1. ANATOMY ko explain kerna tha.

2. Denial ko explain kerna tha. Ek statement thy usmy denial ko btana tha.

3 . Behaviorists ko btana tha. Agree or Not agree wala tha.

4. Why people Don't going to dentist. Kch aesa sawal tha. 


2 thy.

1. Explain any Four types of Illusions.

2. Name and explain three reasons to start people taking drugs.

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PSY101 Past Papers Midterm 2


Father of madecine, cons and rods at retina, acquisition, extinction, maller layer illusion, medical model, structure, central social intelligence theory,

R baki mjhe bhool gia wo sb start k chap me sy hi tha.

PSY101 Past Papers Midterm 3


The intermediate part of Eye. 3#

Environmental3# psychology

Quils theory 🤔5#

Motion prlex3#

Diff b/w Acquisition and Extinction. 5#

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PSY101 Past Papers Midterm 4

My psy101 paper 

Total question 22

16mcqs (some were repeated from quiz(1 and 2) and some were from handout)


1.Defence mechanism

2.Behavioral modification

3.Goiter caused by deficiency of which substance, where it is produced 

4. (a)volume/intensity/loudness (b) Timber

5.Insulin-shock therapy

6.aik mind main nhi a rha

Students we hope you will enjoy these PSY101 Past Papers for the midterm of the VU exams. Students know that in Virtual University students first do the midterm exams then after almost three months students should o the final term exams. In final Term exams, students read the full books in the preparation for their final term exams.

Students, please read also the first PYS101 handouts because all the VU Papers midterm or final terms come in papers from the handouts books so please don't forget to read the VU Books handouts we also prepare from handouts and VU Lectures.

PSY101 Past Papers Midterm

PSY101 Past Papers Midterm

The topic of this post is PSY101-Past-Papers-Midterm and we add this post in the PSY101 category where we will uplaod more solutions in This PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology book. Students we will try to uplaod like PSY101 Solved MCQs, PSY101 Past Papers, PSY101 Notes, and much more for the VU University student's help.

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