English Important Idioms: Here we will share with the students who want to find these important Idioms of Class 12 English part 1 book. Recently we found a paper for final exams where many idioms are written then we decide to make a  post on the 2nd Year English Important Idioms so that students who want to prepare their English final paper in a very short time this post for such students. Students you know these are all 12TH Class English Important Idioms our thought that these are very important and very low Students can easily read and learn them for the final exams. Students if you want to find more 2nd Year English Idioms then please buy a key book of English where mush of idioms is available which are very helpful for students. but here these are only the most important English Important Idioms. Students, please read online because we don't add any pdf files or download links to these Class 12 English Important Idioms. Students, please try to find answers from English key books or you should solve these idioms from your own hand or mind because you are in Class 12 and now you have the ability to translate any English words into Urdu therefore we did not add any Urdu or sentence. Also, Read Good Bye Mr Chips Important Questions.

12TH Class English Important Idioms

2nd Year English Important Idioms - 12TH Class

2nd Year English Important Idioms - 12TH Class

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2nd Year English Important Idioms

  • At daggers drawn
  • Bring out
  • Keep at arm's length
  • Turn down
  • A maiden speech
  • Smell a rat
  • look forward to
  • come across
  • Bad blood
  • Apple of discord
  • Agree with
  • Bear fruit
  • Beat at air
  • Bell the cat
  • Better half
  • Between two fires
  • Blackout
  • Blue blood
  • A brainwave
  • By and large
  • Call a spade a spade
  • Casting vote
  • Come to Light
  • Cut a sorry
  • A dog life
  • Eat Humble pie
  • Eyewash
  • A fairy tale
  • Fall flat
  • First and foremost
  • A jailbird
  • get rid of
  • Guilty of
  • High and mighty
  • In-Camera
  • In so far as
  • In the doldrums
  • Keep at arm's length
  • Lame excuse
  • Lend an ear
  • At a loss
  • Make fun of
  • Now and then
  • Off hand
  • On the whole
  • Over head and ears
  • On the whole
  • Pros and cons
  • Red tape
  • Play false
  • A rotten egg
  • See eye to eye
  • A slip of the tongue
  • Split hairs
  • A stone's throw away
  • Take care of
  • Take heart
  • Talk shop
  • To and fro
  • Turn turtle
  • Undercover
  • A white lie
  • With an iron hand
  • Without fail
  • Yellow press
  • All in All
  • Out and out
  • Come over
  • Get away
  • Take after
  • An uphill task
  • Better half
  • Fall in with
  • Hold one's ground
Students, we hope these 2nd Year English Important Idioms - 12TH Class will help you during the paper preparation and for your class test or final exams. Students if you also have any more idioms which are important for students of class 12 so please share them with us in the comments section for the 2nd year students' help.