Here dear students will read or find the most important short questions of Pakistani history in the Pak studies book which students continue reading from the basics classes we know we learned basic things about Pak history in the basics classes so know this is the 2nd year mean 12th class so now in this book we learn many advanced things about Pakistani history so that we can remember the great leader of Pakistan and also learn that hoe Pakistan came into existence. We hope studies are learning and reading this Pak Studies Important Short Questions in their colleges or more things of Pak studies. Students if you want to know all things about Pakistani history so please find a good teacher who knows any things Pakistan history so he will guide us about all the history of Pakistan.

But here we are focusing only on the which already came in the final year's exams then we decide that make a post on this website and share with students the most important questions of Pak study book and we hope many students will get good benefits if they learn and find all the answers of these questions from their textbooks then prepare for their exams. Also Read 2nd Year English Past Paper.

12TH Class Pak Studies Important Short Questions

2nd year Pak Studies Important Short Questions

2nd year Pak Studies Important Short Questions

The topic of this post is 2nd-year-Pak-Studies-Important-Short-Questions and we add this post in the 12TH Pak Study category where students will find only Pak studies important study solutions which we will uplaod in coming days. Students please visit the above category and find daily more study solutions like 12TH Pak Study Notes, 12TH Pak Study Questions, 12TH Pak Study MCQs, and much more.

Post Title2nd year Pak Studies Important Short Questions
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2nd year Pak Studies Important Short Questions

  • Write down the two objectives of the All India Muslim League?
  • Write down two objectives of the Khilafat movement?
  • Write down the two administrative problems which the country faced after the partition?
  • How did India occupy the state of Hyderabad Deccan?
  • Define Scale?
  • Write down the names of the seasons of Pakistan?
  • Write down four Islamic provisions of the constitution of Pakistan 1973?
  • What does the legislature do?
  • Write down two symptoms of Dengue fever?
  • Which foods are liked in Pakistan?
  • Write down the two poets of the Sindhi Language?
  • Describe the evolutionary stages of the Urdu Language?
  • Why democracy is essential?
  • How can the balance of payments be improved?
  • Write down the names of four important exports of Pakistan?
  • What are the different forms of violence committed against women?
  • What is the role of Parliament in Foreign Policy?
  • Which defense pacts did Pakistan sign with China?

Students we hope you will read and complete these and you also like these questions because these are many students' needs and study also want to find these types Pak studies and other books short questions as well as most important short questions. students if you also have 12TH Class Pak Studies Short Questions so please share them with us in the comments sections for more students' help.

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