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CS101 Important Topics For Midterm Final Term

CS101 Important Topics For Midterm/ Final Term

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CS101 Important Topics For Midterm | CS101 Important Topics For Final Term

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CS101 Important Topics

Introducing To Computing

  • 1. Search Engines
  • 2. Advantages Search of operation
  • 3. Boolean
  • 4. Hexadecimal Notation
  • 5. Flash Drives and Optical System
  • 6. Binary Addition
  • 7. 2s Complement Notation
  • 8. Floating Point Notation
  • 9. CPU Basic
  • 10. Compressing audio and video
  • 11. Program Execution and Logic Operation
  • 12. Arithmetic operator
  • 13. Deadlock
  • 14. Software Classification
  • 15. Os basic concepts
  • 16. Power of Self Test (POST)
  • 17. Security attacks from inside and outside
  • 18. Method of Process Communication
  • 19. Direct Memory access and Handshaking
  • 20. Recursive Structure
  • 21. Layered approach to Internet Software
  • 22. HTML
  • 23. XML
  • 24. TCP/IP pro
  • 25. Algorithm Efficiency
  • 26. Software Verification
  • 27. Protocols
  • 28. Internets
  • 29. Discovery
  • 30. World Wide Web
  • 31. Insertion Sort Algorithm
  • 32. Representation
  • 33. Encryption

CS101 Important Topics For Midterm/ Final Term

  • 1: search engine 
  • 2: search operators
  • 3: Bits
  • 4: Boolean operation
  • 5: logic operators
  • 6: operating system
  • 7: Internet
  • 8: HTML
  • 9: software verification
  • 10: binary notation
  • 11: floating points
  • 12: hexadecimal
  • 13: 2's complement
  • 14: Algorithm
  • imp points by cs101