Students here you will see CS601 Past Papers Midterm and you can read online from our website but onme thing is not available in this post that you see will not any download link opr pdf file so dont worry please read online and all the important questions which come in this CS601 papers. Students these are the midterm papers and that also help you in the midterm CS601 paper preparation. This is the CS601 Data Communication Past Papers For the Midterm exams and for the virtual university students who have this book CS601 and also want to find study solutions related to CS601. Also Read mth621-past-papers-midterm.

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CS601 Past Papers Midterm

CS601 Past Papers Midterm

CS601 Past Papers Midterm | CS601 Midterm Past Papers

Post TitleCS601 Past Papers Midterm
Book CodeCS601
Current/PastCurrent CS601 Past Papers
Mid/FinalCS601 Past Papers For Midterm
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CS601 Past Papers Midterm

CS601 Today Midterm Paper

Total 23 Questions

18 MCQs conceptual but Easy

2 Short Questions

1: Singnal or petern btana tha shape bnai hoi thi. Shape me Time or value di hoi thi.

2: When we send a message on Whatsapp how many routes involved by using switch aisa aik sawal tha.

3 Long Questions

1: Names of 5 components of Data Communication

2: Aik Sawal Thora tough tha. formulas btany thy.

3: Find bit rate of 6 rate sample aisa aik numerical type question tha ...

Past Papers 2

19 july 2022



MCQS were from lectures and slider  and not from any past paper or grand quiz

Topics of mcqs were:WDM,TCP/IP protocol suite, Switches, cables (coaxial cable and fiber optical), digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversion

2 subjective questions were from TCP/IP

1 from twisted pair cable

1 from noise SNR

Paper was difficult!

Do not rely on any past papers or mcqs(Attend lecture and read slides)

This was my paper

Past Papers 3

My today's CS601

11:30 AM

Total 23 questions

18 MCQs 

2 questions of 2 marks


1 question of 3 marks

Electric aur analog signal ka tha.

3 questions of 5 marks

1) Topology

2) Guided and Unguided media

3) Describe packet switching and circuit switching

Past Papers 4

CS601 Todays Paper

Q. Mention the names of three main steps that are used in Pulse Code Modulation technique.

Q. Write the names of two types of space-division switches along with formula to calculate the number of crosspoints.

Q. A switched network consists of a series of interlinked nodes that uses different switching methods. You are required to enlist three basic methods of switching.

Q. Suppose the power of a signal is 30 mW and the power of the noise is 1 ΞΌW. 

You are required to find the values of SNR and SNRdB?   

Q. Consider a communication scenario over internet in which data is transmitted between two stations. Answer the following questions in this scenario.

Past Papers 5

Today paper date 19 7 2022 at 11:30 cs601 

Paper was so easy

All mcqs were from quiz files

2qustion of 3 marks 

3 question of 5 marks

Write components of data communication.

How can we measure human voice.

Diagram was given we was recognize that whether it was digital signal r analog signal

Cs601 today Paper

18 MCQs conceptual and tough

2 short questions also Tough 

3 long Questions

Aik numerical type tha question

Past Papers 6

Today My Cs601 Paper

Paper Bht Easy tha

18 Mcqs thee Almost Quiz file me se Thee

2 Short Question thee

3 Long Theee

Short Question

1. Types of Topology Likhni thii ik ye tha

Dosra Question tha

If You Sending a Message on WhatsApp to Your Friend

Write A Method of Switching Devices on this Snanerio very easy Question

Osk bad Long Question

Ik Long tha k You Know That Data Communication Transmitted Data Between Computer's Write 5 Component of Data Communication ?

Easy Question😁

Baki 2 Long Thee Numericals Walle.

Past Papers 7

Today #cs601 paper

All mcq 17 from ppt slides

Short question

1)Define bandwidth measure two type?

2)define TCP/IP layer name?

3)Wich connection is use for oral communication b explain?

4) bipolar ki digram bni hui thi os ki working ko define krna tha?

5)Define switch and thair types ? 

6)In internet connection

Two devices connected we add a additional connection which additional connection is suitable for this communication?

Today current paper: #CS601

11mcqs orange monkey ki file se the.

(1):PCM ke three types 3 marks

(2):Synchronous ki subtype identify krni thi 5 marks

(3):Transport layer se ek Q tha 5 marks

(4): switching se tha 3 marks

(5): TDM  se hi 3 marks ka ek or tha yad nhi

Past Papers 8

today cs601 paper 


- MCQ's Conceptual 

-Suppose A & B are communication via internet.

Each layer of communication carried out via different protocols. 

mention the name of communication category.

- Draw presaudu coding scheme for follow bit pattern (011000)

- Formula to find cross points in communication bar switch.ya jo formula hai ya 100 topic k agay ya pachay hoga 

- Mesh topology wala question (5 marks) 

100 computer connect hai tu find kero mesh

{ye formula sy hna tha n(n-1)/2  links find krny thy r nodes b btany thy..}

- Ak r question tha bandwidth ka formula ka wo yd ni..

30mw OR 1microwwatt Dia howa tha SNR or SNRdm find kerna tha 

Past Papers 9


Mcqs were from 50% handouts 50% conceptual


Find SNR

Find noise rate 

Mesh topology

3 statements of Impulse code


4 question thy baqi Mcqs 

1. Name of space division along with formula to calculate  numbr of crosspoint data Communication digiatl to analog converts. Which converts data from  digital to analog. Name of techniques use for modulation digital to analog? 

3.Name of communication Categories? 

4. Ye Numerical tha

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