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ENG506 Past Papers Midterm

ENG506 Past Papers Midterm

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ENG506 Past Papers Midterm | ENG506 Midterm Past Papers 

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ENG506 Past Papers Midterm

  • 1:26 mcqs 60 percentage from past files and 40 percent from handouts
  • 2:Two short 3 marks
  • 3:1. define consonants
  • 4:2. ENL, ESL, EFL, stands for?
  • 5:Two long 5marks
  • 6:1. Define speech act and it's types
  • 7:2. Lexifer.explain in terms of language change

    ENG506 Past Papers Midterm 2


    deffrence BW repetition and duplication (5 marks)

    3 criticism on language standard (3 marks) 

    3 names of models bas on circles (3 marks)

    main points of ......hypothesis (5 marks)

      ENG506 Past Papers Midterm 3


      31 Mcq's 

      2 short question 2 long..

      1.Spread of english in Australia

      2.role of countability in context of noun

      3.breife note about Global language(5marks)

      4. Status of english in Europe(5marks)