MCM301 Past Papers: Students here will find the Virtual Univerity past papers of the MCM301 book. Students, now you will read the almost 13 student's Papers that they shared with us on WhatsApp groups then we collect all the MCM301 papers for the other students help who search on google because many books on VU study solutions have been limited therefore we decide that to upload all the study solutions of the VU Books. Please read the complete MCM301 Past Papers Midterm it will help you during your preparation only. For the final term exams, we will also try to upload them on this website after collecting them. These are MCM301 Communication Skills Past Papers for the midterm exams please also share them with your friends so that they can also find them. Students we did not add any Download Link and PDF File links so please try to read online.

MCM301 Past Papers Midterm

MCM301 Past Papers Midterm

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MCM301 Past Papers Midterm | MCM301 Midterm Past Papers 

Post TitleMCM301 Past Papers Midterm
Book CodeMCM301
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Mid/FinalMCM301 Past Papers For Midterm
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MCM301 Past Papers Midterm


date..18 July,2022 

8.00 AM

There are 27 total questions. 

Paper contain 22 McQs

The all MCQs were from handouts and 60 percent from past papers...

Question was 70 percent from past papers...


Why Good presentation cause to fail ?

Benefit of communication 

Persuasive speech 

Informative speech

Past Papers 2


  • Today My MCM301 Paper
  • Time: 8:00 AM
  • Objective
  • MCQs from VU topper RM file 2 or 3 conceptual thy.
  • Subjective
  • All shorts and Long questions are conceptual.

Past Papers 3


  • Today was my MCM301 MIDTERM
  • Total Marks: 41
  • 22 MCQ's (22 marks)
  • 80% MCQ'S from Vu-Topper RM file
  • Mix MCQ's, 40% Conceptual and 60% from Past Papers 
  • 3 Questions (3marks)
  • - Conceptual statement was given, the question was on interpersonal communication.(3marks)
  • - How can you control the communication barriers. (3marks)
  • - You have to give a speech on a topic "terrorist have no religion", and your audience have various religion, how will you address your audience and in what kind of presentation.(3marks)
  • 2 Questions (5marks)
  • - What are extemporaneous and impromptu presentation, and what are the difference between them.(5marks)
  • -What kind of a sitting plan will you choose?,and why? if you are arranging a conference on a world-wide forum.(5marks)
  • That's all i remember, apologies for any mistakes you see regarding the above mentioned paper.

Past Papers 4


  • 08:00 AM overseas Paper Today 
  • Objective entirely from handouts, none of the objective questions were repeated from quizzes.
  • Subjective:
  • • difference be hearing and listening, types of listening (3)
  • • important implications of appearance in verbal and written communication (3)
  • • importance of eye contact with the audience (3)
  • • how does effective communication affect organizational cost reduction (5)
  • • difference between extemporaneous speech and impromptu speech (5)

Past Papers 5

Mcm301 today mid term paper 

  • All mcqs were from handouts and some are conceptual....
  • Q#1 A memo is send by a manger to supervisor and then from supervisor to laborer. Explain all the information properly reached to the laborer or not .
  • Q#2: Effective oral communication is very important in our daily life . Explain 
  • Q#3 : Describe the purpose of thesis statement in communication.
  • Q#4 it is easier to communicate at peer level or to friend. Explain
  • Q#5  A topic of the speech is given as 
  • " Youth for tomorrow"  
  • In which aspects for this topic you are interested. Write any three aspects.

Past Papers 6

Mcm301 today paper 10:AM 18-07-2022

  • 22 mcqs the 5 question the
  • Mcqs 4 to 5 junaid Institute file sa baqi handouts sa the
  • 1.extemporaneous speech 5 marks
  • listening or characteristics the is k 5 marks ka
  • 3. Download word or literal communication tha 3 marks ka 
  • Thesis statement sa related tha three marks baqi yad nahi

Past Papers 7

MCM301 today paper 5:30pm

  • Mcqs from handouts and past papers
  • Subjective mostly conceptual
  • Extemporaneous and impromptu speech
  • Detour
  • Overall paper easy tha
  • Mcm301
  • 18 mcqs
  • Speech pattern
  • How communication skills of a manag3r can contribute in cost reduction
  • Rules to select a speech topic
  • Characteristics of active listener

Past Papers 8


  • Mcqs bass thek hi thy 16 thy 2 repeated thy
  • Or 4 question thy 3 num
  • Ik speech ka tha keh aghar ap speech dena chahty ho kassy do gay kon si form mamdo kanor kon sa mood use karo gay
  • Ik tha empathic or critical listing ka
  • 2 yad nhe a rahyπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  • Lon 2 thy 5 num ka
  • Ik feedback ka tha os ka likhna tha or 5 ways likhni keh daily life ma hum kassy dfeedback dety hai
  • Ik 23 lecture sy tha U kar ka kuch

Past Papers 9


  • Mcqs Sab conceptual thy
  • Short me 
  • 1.purpose of thesis statement tha
  • 2.reference to interpersonal Batana tha k situational and environmental context k bary m 
  • 3.barrier of ifference language tha k is m barriers ku aaty 
  • 4. Presenters can visualize questions and comments the audience would raise aesa hi tha 
  • Long me 
  • 1.
  • Why communication is so important. Explain.
  • 2.Thesis statement se related tha
  • Sab questions bhi aik type k conceptual hi thy bs concept clear hona chahiye

Past Papers 10


  • Mostly mcq from past paper
  • πŸ₯Š16 McQ
  • 4 question 3 marks 
  • 1,intrapersonal communication example
  • 2.gesture
  • 3.describe 3 type of speech
  • 4,oral communication k bary mn tha question yaad ni
  • πŸ€πŸ€long question
  • 2 question 5 marks
  • Different between inter and intrapersonal communication
  • 2,ye presentation wly topic mnsy tha question bhol gai hon
  • Best of luck πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€ 

Past Papers 11


  • Midterm Spring 22
  • 12pm, Jan 15
  • MCQs: 
  • 9-10 from Waqar/Hadi files. And remaining were conceptual and from handouts. 
  • Subjective: 
  • Q1. Any three qualities of Critical Listening. (3)
  • Q2. State any three Listening Barriers. (3)
  • Q3. Explain Developmental View in Interpersonal communication. (5) 
  • Q4. Discuss the purposes of Introduction of a Speech. And why is it important?  (5) 
  • Q5. Explain the type of Communication used in an organization to motivate Employees. Provide an example scenerio for it. (5)
  • Tips:
  • 1. Waqar/Hadi files are a must for both Objective&Subjective. 
  • 2. Read out handouts especially the definitions, purposes, bullets of all topics.

Past Papers 12

Paper: Mcm301

Time: 2:30

Mcqs were mostly easy from handouts.

subjective questions mein 

A thesis have a concrete wording. Discuss.           3 marks

Difference Between Critical Listening and Empathic Listening.        3 marks

Difference between Mass Communication and other forms of communication.            5 marks

As presenter to b speaking, speaking skills are important and listening skills are important equally. Explain.           5 marks

Exemplify the oral communication is more appropriate than written communication.              3 marks

or guys 1 question mai bhool gai.

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