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MGT501 Past Papers Midterm

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm

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MGT501 Past Papers Midterm | MGT501 Midterm Past Papers

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MGT501 Past Papers Midterm

Today paper


Objective +subjective:

Handouts me sy th or Sara paper conceptual th...

Mostly mcqs tauff ty, but subjective easy th..

So handouts+slide+sohrt lecture acchy sy kry

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 2


28 objective other were subject not too easy nor difficult almost 40 percent mcqs from past 

Long question

Difference between small and large firm

Hiring process

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 3

  • Mgt501
  • (Human Resources Management)
  • 18-7-2022 Time 1900hrs
  • Mcqs all were from handout and also some from Quiz files
  • Short question🔖
  • 1-while hiring what steps should an HR Manager take in order to create effective team?
  • 2-Explain the drawback if any, when an HR manager plays crucial role in the hiring of employee?
  • Long Question🔖
  • 1-how will you compare the role of strategic manager with technical manager?
  • 2- identify and eleborate the name of forecasting method that is use by HR professionals to anticipate the required workforce by finding relationship between sales and number of workers. 

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 4

  • Mgt501 current paper 8am 
  • Total32 question
  • 28mcqs
  • 4question
  • 2question 3marks
  • 2questions 5 marks
  • Mcqs mostly from last chapters (15 to 23 chaptets)
  • 1: HRM function 3 marks
  • 2: reward paragraph 5 marks
  • 3: job description 5marks
  • 4: bhol gy 🥴

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 5

Mgt501 8:00 

Mcqs mostly conceptual 

1) objective of specifications

2) strategic HRM 

3) characteristics of agreeable people( high and low )

4) responsibilities of manager

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 6

Mgt501 today


Q1. Distunguish btw Personality and perception (3 marks)

Q2. Explain the mistakes made in interviews (3 marks)

Q3. What job analysis method is best for information (questionnaires, interview, etc). Explain briefly? (5 marks)

Q4. Do you think change is important for the organization . Explain? (5 marks)

Mcqs 1st five aur mostly last 12 lessons sy thy job analysis, HRP, HRS

Overall paper wasy tha bus subjective conceptual tha

MGT501 Past Papers Midterm 7

Today mgt501 paper detail:

Human resource planning process steps 5 marks

Managerial role 3 marks

Individual behavior influnsed by personal and envirnmental factors 5 makrs

And 28 objectives some were easy but several were comceptual



8:30 Am

Q1: Reduce Personal Mistake {organizations} (M3) 

Q2: uses of Job Analysis(M3) 

Q3: snap Judgment define(M5) 

Q4: given the scenario which we r explain to organizations change and what is challenges in upcoming 5 years. (M5)