MTH601 Past Papers: In this post, we will share with you the Past Papers of the MTH601 Virtual University book. Students these papers in the MTH601 book will help you in your paper preparation ad you can read them only for the MTH601 midterm exams. This is MTH601 Operations Research Past Papers For midterm only. Students if you have this MTH601 book and also looking for the MTH601 past papers so please read and complete this post. Students we will also try to upload MTH601 Past Papers Final term. Students we recommend you please read online these papers and don't rely on an MTH601 PDF file or MTH601 Download Link. Also, Read mth603-quiz-1-MCQs.

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm

The Topic of this post is MTH601 Past Papers Midterm and we add this post in the MTH601 book category where students will read or find only MTH601 book because this category is only for those students who have the MTH601 and also want to find this mth601 (solved MCQs mega file), mth601 short notes, mth601 highlighted handouts, mth601 handouts pdf, mth601 past papers by moaaz, mth601 handouts, mth601 lecture 23, mth601 quiz types solutions.

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm | MTH601 Midterm Past Papers

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MTH601 Past Papers Midterm


27/07/2022    at 10:00am




  • 1: Formulate krna tha Linear programing ka
  • 2: What is the disadvantage of too little and too much inventory    
  • 3: figure given the us ki EST find krna tha
  • 4: figure given the ar critical path find krna tha
  • 5: EOQ ar time of order find krna tha
  • C2,C3 ar D given tha
  • 6: last pe aik tha Model 4 ka

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 2


Q 1

Long question minimize find krna tha

Q 2 

 E.O.Q and time find kerna tha 

Q 3 relationship between activity btana find krna tha

Ya koi r tarika h in ko find krne ka means directly to activities r duration

Aj alhamdullillah mera mth601 ka paper tha jo McQ thy wo totally conceptual thy but question 2 linear programing say thay 2 questions nodes sir given dye howe thy ESt or EFT maloom krna tha

An event is a specific instant of time, which makes the start or end of an activity. Event consumes neither time nor resources. An activity is the actual performance of the task and requires time and resources for its completion.


 file 1 ,2 hi the...baki conceptual the but easy.


1. Table given tha entring r leaving variable btana tha 2.dummy activity usage.

3.find independent float table given tha.

4.quantity find krni thi purchasing without shortages ki.


1.eft and est find diagram given thi.

2.big M technique me se tha iteration find krti thi next...

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 3


16/20  mcqs conceptual 

4 from past


Q21  network sy table activity write krni thi

Q22. EOQ With price breaks and DOQ

Q23. Given a Network  predecessors write krny thy

Q24. D,C2,C3,C4 are given thi find EOQ hint 2nd model formula apply hona tha

Q25. Constraints given thy

Minimze objective 

Q26. Table ma T0,Tm,Tp given thy Duration time find karna tha.

Overall concept clear karain

Past files prepare na karain

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 4

2 mark Q:dummy activity and it's usage

2 mark Q: rank find karna tha value given thi.

3 mark Q: find constraint karna tha value given thi.

2) find predecessor value given thi.

5 mark Q)Find EFT karna tha netwok diagram given thi.

MCQ megafile se aaye the or bhot easy tha

[18/07, 12:50 pm] +92 310 2858113: Diagram dra krni thi values given thi aik ABC analysis Wala long tha aik critical path Wala tha

5 marks ka diagram .predecesor btanay thay. 

2 marks ka standard form mn convert

5 marks maximise z=4x+5y


2x+3yless= 6

3x+4y less = 12

4x+5y less = 20


MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 5

MTH601 mcqs sary mega file se aye thy  sary reapeat thy bht east thy dummy acitivity ki 3 4 mcqs thy alag alag style se.

shirt mein 2 q thy ek mein air craft airports ur airlines ka btaan tha ke in mein seas a brach kya hai node kya hai ur connectintion kya hai.

ek equation thi 2x<=3 is ko standard form mein convert krna tha.

3 marks waly short mein ek q tha est eft lst lft given tha table mein ur unka total float independent float btana tha.floting ka q tha pura bs

next ek quation thi uski standard form btani thi stack value 

mark 5 long mein ek diagram thi us ka est eft nikalna tha.

next ek maximum ka question tha ur standard form btanoi thi values thi Maximum z=x-y

baki values yad nh last pr x,y>0

1 -PERT  r CPM Mn differnc likhna tha .. 

2_Ik netwkr diia hua tha btana tha k Ye sahi hy Ya nh  . Uss Mn looping eror tha justity krna tha ,,

3_Network dia hua tha Uska critical path likhna tha r completion tim likhna tha ,  

4_Ik ques Mn non equality wali equations dii huii the  unko standard form Mn likhna tha ,

5_Manufacturing model with no  shortages kii minimum cost drive krna thii .. kuchh bh dia hua nh tha ,, ☹️

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 6


2 mark Q:dummy activity and it's usage

2 mark Q: rank find karna tha value given thi.

3 mark Q: find constraint karna tha value given thi.

2) find predecessor value given thi.

5 mark Q)Find EFT karna tha netwok diagram given thi.

MCQ megafile se aaye the or bhot easy tha

Q:1)  Define isometric space in norm?  (3 mark's)                          Q:2) write completion theorem   (3 mark's)    Q:3) Discuss the all interior point of N={1,2,3.....}  (2 mark's)  Q:4) Given two example of compact space with norm (2 mark's)    Q:5) M is a subset of metric space X=(X,d)  .... Then show that M is closed and bounded (5 mark's)  Q6) theorem tha proof krna tha start se statement yad nhi ab but  end py    tha k limit is unique

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 7

  1. MCQ's past se ni the pr easy the.
  2. Bs 3 past se the.
  3. Past se behtr hai k handout dekho bs practice question dekh le behtr ho jaye ga.
  4. 1. Predecessor btana tha
  5. 2. Or ak network tha uska predecessor duration or activities btana tha table me.
  6. 3. Ak lambi c statement thi solve ni krna tha bs batnaa tha k van sai hai ya rickshaw tha k kis me saman bejna zyada thek rhe ga k bchaat ho passo ki.
  7. 4. Dummy activity ki definition thi.
  8. Predecessor btana tha diagarm sa dakh ka 5 mark ka
  9. S.t varance queation tha 3 marks ka
  10. CPM or PERT mei difference
  11. 7 basic or 5 non basic variables se linear programming k kitny basic variables banty..
  12. Phr aik diagram thi uska btana tha k accomplished kiu ni ho skti.
  13. phr aik q mei EOD find krna tha
  14. long question aik EST Or EFT find krna tha
  15. Or aik long to pta ni koi simplex wala tha..

MTH601 Past Papers Midterm 8

Mth 601

Cumulative frequency waly question app computer mai majood Ms excel pr b kr skty hai.

Descending order nikalna

Frequency nikalana

Or frequency percentage nikalna 

Means complete 5 numbrr ka question solve hota hai.

Time mila tu batao ga kesy warna app try kr sakty hai khud sy...

My today 601 paper

mcqs were conceptual 

Two questions in which ESt and EFT find kerna that

ABC problem tha

LP model generate kerna tha given data ka

Relationship between activities likhna tha

Mth601................... ABC analysis ka aik mcq aya tha. Diagram thy critical path find krna tha aur diagram se he table bnana tha predecessor wala. Aik table dia tha us ko dekh k diagram bnani thi


questions mein eak diagram wala Q tha eak mein table Bana tha or eak models se tha or eak linear equation se tha or mcqs mostly conceptual thy...