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PHY101 Past Papers Midterm

PHY101 Past Papers Midterm

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PHY101 Past Papers Midterm | PHY101 Midterm Past Papers

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PHY101 Past Papers Midterm

  • 1. In Simple harmonic motion, the acceleration is ( proportional to the displacement ) repeated twice
  • 3. One revolution is equal to (2 pi rad)
  • 4. The angle of projection at which the horizontal range and maximum height of projectile are equal is (76degree)
  • 5. When a net torque is applied to a rigid object, it always produces a ( angular acceleration)
  • 6. The slope of a velocity-time the graph at any point may be identified 
  • with( instantaneous acceleration ya average acceleration)
  • 7.The work done by gravity during the decent of a projectile ( Is positive)
  • 8. Physical quantity (time, length, mass, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, and luminous intensity)
  • 9. Unit of momentum is (N.s)
  • 10.  A 4.0-N puck is traveling at 3.0m/s. It strikes a 8.0-N puck, which is stationary. The two 
  • pucks stick together. Their common final speed is ( 1 m/s)
  • 11. By increase amplitude, the pitch will (increase)
  • 12. A force of 120 N is exerted on a 40 kg container which sits on a floor. If the frictional force between floor and container is 80 N, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the container? (1 m/s²)
  • 13. The speed of sound in medium depends upon ( transmitting medium )
  • 14. Surface pressure k bare mn tha
  • 15.  the oscillation is perpendicular to the direction of wave travel (transverse waves)
  • 16. The ultimate strength of a sample in the stress at which the simple( breaks )
  • 17. An object attached to one end of a spring makes 20 vibrations in 10 s. Its time period is ( 0.5 sec)
  • 18. The center of mass of Earth’s atmosphere is ( near center of earth)
  • 19. To raise the pitch of a certain piano string, the piano tuner( tightens the string)
  • 20. Types of stress ( all are correct 
  • 21. The torque about any two points has the same value when 
  • the body is in ( transitional equilibrium)
  • 22. 
  • Short and long
  • 28. 
  • 29. A scalar quantity can be added to vector quantity? Explain ( 2 marks)
  • 30. Height and acceleration given. Find time to reach the ground? (5 marks)
  • 31. Give basic reason of resonance ? If any, describe natural phenomena of resonance ? (5 marks)

    PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 2

    Time: 08 :00AM
    Date: 27/07/2022
    MCQs was normal (not too easy not too difficult).
    Questions :
    1. Find gravitational force of car and truck. Given data: m=1100,M=2200 and r=15m.
    2. Proof that either equation is true S=S(not) +--- +1/2at square. But I forgot the full equation. 
    3.(a) If one object is at rest before collision with other object, is it possible that the both objects will come to rest after collision, or is it possible that the one object will come to rest after collision.
    (b) when there is elastic collision between two objects then the kinetic energy will change or not.
    4. Explain the terms.
    Steady flow, unsteady flow, compressible fluids, non compressible fluids and viscous fluids.

    PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 3

      Phy101: 23rd July, 8AM  Total 32 questions, 28 MCQS, 2 x 3 marks and 2 x 5 Marks MCQs kuch easy they aur kuch alag duniya se aaye they.  3 Marks: 1) what force causes the ball to bounce back when it hits the floor? 2) numerical tha. 2 crests ke beech mein difference 3 metre given tha. Ye bataya tha ke wo 1 second mein 3 dafa vibrate kar raha hai. Hamen wavelength batani thi, frequency aur velocity.  5 Marks: 1) numerical: aik spring hai, usko 0.12 metre tak stretch kia aur phir usey chor diya. 0.8 seconds ke baad wo spring 0.12 metre ke distance pe hai lekin equilibrium ke dusri side pe. Aur is time mein that is 0.8 seconds mein wo aik dafa equlibrium position se guzra hai. frequency batani thi, amplitude batana tha, aur time period batana tha. 2) momentum of a body is dependant upon: 5 options they. Mene select kia mass, velocity and direction. Apney answer ko justify karna tha.

      PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 4

        Phy101 ka paper 11 30 
        Total 32 question ty 
        28mcqs  or 4 question
        Paper easy ta 2 numercal ty 
        Or mcqs files mai sy 3 4 e ty bki sry conceptual ty 
        Question ta k book table k opr h to kon c 2 force apply ho rai example do 
        Or musician sy shm wla ta koi

        PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 5

          Assalam o Alaikum Mera aaj phy101 ka paper tha
          Time 10.00a.m
           past files me sy sirf 3 quiz aye thy baqi sare conceptual thy
          2 question 3 marks k the
          1.Ek numerical tha Jo k aircraft tha uski west ki fly di hui thi north or up...length find krni thi takeoff point sy
          2.ek motorcyclist tha jis ki 90 speed thi ek corner cross krne k bd bhe same speed Rahi or pucha yeh tha k constant speed he ya velocity
          2 question 5 marks k thy
          1.diagrame di hui thi usme 3 values di hui then or K.E find krni thi
          2.Bhool gya

          PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 6

            Phy101 Mid Term Paper 20-07-2022
            1.Numerical about finding period, frequency, wavelength & acceleration from given data (3 marks)
            2. Find work done(mass nd force was given) 3 marks
            3. Planet move around sun due to what reason? (5 marks)
            4. Find the acceleration, values of time and velocity are given (5 marks)
            °Numericals 3 to 4 related questions 
            °Units and dimensions 2 to 3 related questions 
            ° kinetic energy and potential energy related 2 Qs
            ° angular momentum, acceleration, work done center of gravity, three B-modulus & basic def. Nd concept
            Overall paper was not technical. Just read habdouts carefully

            PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 7

              1:Dimention and unit of stress..
              2:A man pushing a box,but box doesn't move their position,,
              What are force of static friction used as shown in figure..
              Aik pic thi jis men larka dahkail reha tha box..
              3:A man have 80 kg mass,,
              Their flour is 600 cm from ground flour,,
              To us ka work against density find krna tha..
              4:Aor aik men speed of sound find krni thi
              Phy101  15-01-2022
              Time 12:00 
              Mcqs  from past paper 27
              •Elastic collision (5)
              •Momentum (5)
              •Two objects moving with same speed 
              There force with be?  (2)
              •work find (numerical) (2)

              PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 8

                Mid Term Paper Fall 2021 
                Date 10-02-2021
                Timing 8:30a.m
                Exam Phy101
                Total 31 Question
                27 Mcqs 
                2 Short 2 Marks
                2 Long Question 5 Mark's k
                Mostly Mcqs From Past paper and Quiz File
                Definitions of types of wave.( stand waves, shock waves, interference, beats)
                Or ek tension sy related conceptual tha

                PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 9

                  Very tough only conceptual mcqs thy 27
                  2 questions 2 marks k
                  1:Conditions of equilibrium 2:Vector ki magnitude -ve ho sakti?
                  2 questions of 5 marks
                  1: Numerical tha collisions Wala.
                  2:(a) 20dB is more intense than 10dB. Explain.
                  (B)Doppler effect k bare main tha

                  PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 10

                    #Phy101 ka paper conceptual b tha or ziyada tar tension sy related or waves k bary mn questions thy. Subjective portion mn koi numerical nai aya
                    Mcqs mostly past sy thy. Or wo file jo orange monkey ny tyar ki thi, us mn sy bhi
                    2 short aur long agr aapko yaad hain toh plz yahaan share kr dyn
                    1.vector ko add krna tha
                    2.tension on string increse the wav speed
                    Increasing the tension on a string increases the speed of a wave, which increases the frequency (for a given length). ... (Smaller lengths of string result in shorter wavelength and thus higher frequency.)
                    27 msqs thy jis main sy 15-17past papers main sy thy 2 short question thy 2 marks k or 2 long question thy 5 marks k
                    When does a pendulum come to a stop , when a object move in a straight line what is velocity and move in circular pth what it's velocity
                    R numerical tha bht long waly wo yd nhii ha
                    Phy 101 today papr...... Mcq all past papr orng monky  quiz file main sy ay thyyy......... Questn ..2 nbr  ka Strain +unit tha or yaad ni ha

                    PHY101 Past Papers Midterm 11

                      1. PHY101
                      2. The mass of neutron 
                      3. (Is a little more than that of a proton)
                      4. A heat of transformation of a substance is 
                      5. (The energy per unit mass absorbed as heat during a phase transmission)
                      6. According to the special theory of relativity 
                      7. (Momentum is not conserved in high speed collision)
                      8. The pauli exclusion principle is obeyed by
                      9. (All particles with spin quantum numbers of 1|2)
                      10. Which of the following is not evidence for the wave nature of matter 
                      11. (The photoelectric ect)
                      12. The isotopes of an element 
                      13. (Have similar chemical behavior)
                      14. In an adiabatic process 
                      15. (The energy absorbed as heat equals the work done by the environment on the system)
                      16.  J.J thompsons measurement of e|m for electrons provides evidence of the 
                      17. (Partical nature of matter )
                      18. A thermometer indicates 98.6?C It may be
                      19. (In a cup of hot tea)
                      20. Of the following which is the best evidence for the wave nature of matter 
                      21. (The reflection of electrons by crystals)
                      22. If two objects arethe thermal equalibrium with each other 
                      23. (They cannot be at different temperature)
                      24. During a slow adiabatic expansion of a gas 
                      25. (No energy enters or leaves are heat)
                      26. An isothermal process for an ideal gas is represented on a p.V diagram by 
                      27. (A portion of a hyperbola)
                      28. According to the special theory of relativity 
                      29. (Momentum is not conserved in high speed collision)
                      30. The isotopes of an element 
                      31. (Have similar chemical behavior)
                      32. Absolute zero is considered as that temperature at which 
                      33. (Ice melts)
                      34. Possible units for the coe cient of volume expansion 
                      35. (1|C?)
                      36. Which of the following is not evidence for the wave nature of matter 
                      37. (The photoelectric e?ect)
                      38. Of the following which has the smallest rest energy 
                      39. (An electron)
                      40. The heat capacity of an object is 
                      41. (The amount of heat energy that raises its temperature by 1?C)
                      42. Hotness or coldness of an object is represented in terms of 
                      43. (Temperature)
                      44. A partical with the rest mass m moves with speed 0.6c its kinetic energy is 
                      45. (0.18mc2)
                      46. Of the following which is the best evidence for the wave nature of matter 
                      47. (The photoelectric e?ect)
                      48. Probability values are assigned on a scale of 
                      49. (0 to 1.)
                      50. The electrons states that constitute a single shell for an atom all have 
                      51. (The same value of n)
                      52. A femtometer is 
                      53. (10.15m)
                      54. According to the theory of relativity 
                      55. (Momentum is not conserved in high speed collision)
                      56. Let Z denote the atomic number and A donate athe mass number of a nucleus the number of neutrons in the nucleus is 
                      57. (A.Z)
                      58. Evidence that molecules of a gas are in constant motion is 
                      59. (Two gases interdi? Use quickly)
                      60. A calorie is about 
                      61. (4.2J)
                      62. In ordar that a single process is both isothermal and isobaric 
                      63. (A change of phase is essential)