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ENG201 Quiz 1 Solution

ENG201 Quiz 1 Solution

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ENG201 Quiz 1 Solution

Select the object which can cause a presentation to become ineffective

A postcard with pictures

Advisors provide information and advice for the ……………


One fundamental ……….. Effective writing is to put the key information at the beginning.


An effective oral presentation is carefully planned with your objectives in mind and pays close attention to the …………

Demands of your audience

The job of …………… is to carry out the decisions that have been taken by the executives of an organization.


Content words (nouns, verbs, objectives,) have only denotative meanings.


(you/lock) the door before you left the office?

You locked

Which of the following is not an impact purpose of a document?

To provide information

Feedback can come in the form of ……………

All of the given options 

Implicit purpose means the purpose which is clearly stated.


Select the object which can cause a presentation to become ineffective.

 A postcard with pictures

The ………. The flow of information follows the official chain of command


Objectives should always be ………

All of the given options 

Explicit purpose serves to provide information and give instructions.


The ……………..flow of information follows the official chain of command


Mostly the fresh graduates choose this type of resume to overcome the lack of experience in their resume 

All of the given options

Which of the following is not the purpose of an informative speech?

Changing the attitudes

Which of the following is not an implicit purpose of a document?

To document actions

Which of the following are real but unnamed readers?

Complex readers

(you/lock) the door before you left the office?

Did you lock

Bring as much information about yourself as you might need. On your ……..makes sure you include hobbies volunteer word


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ENG201 Midterm MCQs

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ENG201 Midterm MCQs

ENG201 Midterm MCQs

Students this ENG201 Business and Technical English is easy to book to learn because this is the basics concept book you also know something which is written in this books but some topic are much difficult which need to understand from high-class teacher others you can see on youtube lectures for this ENG201 Midterm MCQs. Students you are a young person also now your duty to understand any books by your own though and where you feel this topic is different than clear your teachers. Many students read books only and do not try to understand as they should so they could not get good marks in their exams. But don't worry we are always with you by providing ENG201 Midterm MCQs and other study solutions.

Solved MCQs MCQs Info
Post TitleENG201 Midterm MCQs
Book CodeENG201
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
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ENG201 Midterm MCQs

  • ……… medium is the best when you don’t need immediate feedback but you do need speed


  • Choose the correct transitional marker from the following options cheating is dishonesty ………. It hinders students from learning.


  • An agenda is a simple list of …… to be discussed


  • An agenda is a simple list of ……. To be discussed


  • Which of the following appears at the end of the report


  • Which of the following medium is the best when you want immediate feedback


  • The two principal documents that hold relative importance in a meeting are the ……. And the …….

Meeting minute’s proposal

  • The indirect plan consists of …… parts


  • The aim of a ………. Is to establish a working relationship to make a happen


  • While composing a business message be sure you …… distort the truth


  • The need for additional clarity and follow-up communications is eliminated if your communication is……..


  • Bad news message always begins with a …………that provides transmission to the refresh

Neural statement

  • Marie wanted to buy a new book ……. She could not remember the title or the name of the author


  • While writing bad news messages avoid blunt statements that are likely to cause pain and anger


  • In the organization of the business message ……. Is the starting point for constructing an online

Main idea

  • A better-organized message has ………. Chances of understanding on the part of the audience


  • We were looking …….. The shops when we were in the market


  • They saw a parking space ………….. Two cars and drove ……….. it


  • I like English ………… French very much


  • Defining the purpose of the document helps the writer to ……….

Focus on the content

  • Which of the following is not a common problem that can cause the poor organization of a message

Including irrelevant material

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