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ISL201 Highlighted Handouts

ISL201 Highlighted Handouts

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ISL201 Highlighted Handouts PDF

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ISL201 Highlighted Handouts PDF

ISL201 Highlighted Handouts PDF Download

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ISL201 Lecture Wise MCQs For Midterm

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ISL201 Lecture Wise MCQs

ISL201 Lecture Wise MCQs

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ISL201 Lecture Wise Solved MCQs

ISL201 MCQs ISl201 MCQs Info
ISL201 Solved MCQsISL201 Grand Quiz pdf
ISL201 Solved MCQsISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Solved MCQsISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Solved MCQsISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Solved MCQsISL201 Grand Quiz

ISL201 Lecture Wise MCQs

Which organ of the body has a central role in our spiritual life?





A person who is bad in social conduct and moral disposition will lead a …….life





The collaboration of the heart and tongue in man's talk is called…………..




All of the given options

Action that keeps away the man from Allah's love 




All of the given options

Belief in the life of the hereafter is a :

Fundamental of humanity

None of the given options

Fundamental of Islamic faith

Fundamental of modern civilization 

Imam Ghazali said action without ……… just a labor





Surah ………is also called surah al ahead.

Al Rahman

Al fatiha

Al kausar

Al ikhlas

Holy Prophet PBUH said that after me you shall be ruled by …………





According to ibn Abbas, the term Furqan means 




On the occasion of the pledge of Rizwaan ………dignified and praised the companions of the prophets by saying that his hand is on their hands 

All prophets 

Allah almighty

Holy Prophet PBUH

Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

Hajj is the ……..fundamental of Islam





Allah Almighty ordered to the obedience of holy prophet PBUH with his obedience ……………..times in the holy Quran





Semitic religions are 

Judaism, Islam, Hinduism

Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity

Islam, Christianity , Judaism 

Allah SWT described three negative adjectives in surah al lail which are stinginess become independent and …………




Beleid the best 

Allah SWT described three negative adjectives in surah al lail which are stinginess become independent and ………..





Beleid the best 

Every act without the truth is deceitful to man is the saying of imam……….



Abu hanifa


What is the first demand of sincerity?

To perform an act for inner satisfaction

The similarity in inner and outer self


All of the given options 

Who is the sustainer of the world as per the commandments of the Holy Quran?




Hazrat Isa (A.S)

Through fasting and performing hajj man pays ……….of Allah 

Huq I Jamal

Huq i akhlaq

None of them

Huq i jalal

Which moral value of holy prophet SAW has been testified and accepted by disbelievers on the mountain of safe?





Holy Prophet PBUH said that ……..and obeying are the duties of a Muslim in what he likes and dislikes as long as he is not ordered to commit a sin.





It has been narrated by ………..that the holy prophet SAW was the greatest possessor of knowledge and wisdom 

Hazrat Anas R.A

Hazrat Ayesha R.A

Hazrat Ali R.A

Hazrat Talha R.A 

The holy prophet PBUH said believers who possess better manners are the most perfect in ………..


Worldly affairs


Both worlds

The prophet Muhammad SAW and his family stayed in Shab-e-Abi Talib for ……..years





During migration to Madinah, prophet Muhammad SAW stayed in ………..





According to the injunctions of the Holy Quran, believers have to refer all their disputed matters to ….

Successors of the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH


Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Allah and his prophet Muhammad PBUH 

Allah has made charity lawful and ………unlawful


None of these 



Belief in the life of the hereafter is a 

Fundamental of humanity

Fundamental of the Islamic faith

None of the given options

Fundamental of modern civilization 

Allah Almighty does not like ………in his worship

All of the given options 




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ISL201 Midterm Solved MCQs

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isl201 midterm solved mcqs

isl201 midterm solved mcqs

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isl201 midterm solved mcqs

Hajj is the …. Fundamental of Islam 


Which of the following is regarded by Allah 

(hearts and deeds)

Which of the following is a special part of holy prophets mission

(all of the given options)

Asking Allah SWT with a strong belief that he is fully able to fulfill needs, is called sincerity in……….


God revealed to Noah (peace be upon him) to command his people …………

(to worship Allah)

As per the constitution of Pakistan the highest authority belongs to 


Worship is for the betterment of our 

(own deeds)

Surah ………… is also called as surah al tawheed 

(al ikhlas)

Holy Prophet PBUH said that it is ………… which keeps you away from all kinds of evil


According to ibn abbas, the term furqan means


After receiving the first revelation holy prophet Muhammad PBUH was ……………..


isl201 midterm solved mcqs isl201 midterm solved mcqs Info
Post titleisl201 midterm solved mcqs
Book CodeISL201
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Solved / Unsolvedisl201 solved mcqs
Mid/FinalMidterm ISL201 Mcqs
Also, Readisl201 midterm solved mcqs
Also, ReadISL201 Grand Quiz Solved MCQs

The Holy Quran said that the companions of the holy prophet SAW are compassionate with …………


In which surah Allah almighty says that I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship me 

(al hujurat)

Which of the following parts of the ear plays an important role in locating the sound direction from which it originates?

(auditory canal)

Who curses a thing which does not deserve it the curse returns on 

(none of the given options)

Which two qualities of human beings have been described in surah al shams verse no 7 

(taqwa and obedience)

Literally enslaving or employing someone is called ………..


Allah SWT created iblis from …………


The prisoners of ghazwa e bdr were ………..

(freed by ransom)

What are two essential results are effects of imam

(softness and cowardness)

How many recipients of zakat have been described in surah tawba verse no 60


Name the place where the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH stayed for 14 days during the migration to Madinah 


Hazrat hajra looks round between the safa and Marwa to seek ……………


The meaning of ikhlas is ………….

(all of the given options)

Our worship is wholly for the fulfillment of 

(spiritual density)

In Arabic usage, the number seventy is often used for ………….


The collaboration of the heart tongue in means talk is called ……….

(all of the given options)

Who curses a thing which does not deserve it the curse returns on 

(his own self)

Allah SWT described three positive adjectives in surah al lail which are charity ……….. And testified the best 


The holy prophet SAW said the best of you are those who possess the best of ………..


………… means forbearance fear and abstinence


The purpose of zakat is 

(all of the given options)

What should be taken care of while paying zakat

(the recipient's self-esteem)

Status of the heart in the body is like ………….


Which side should one face while praying


One of the main purposes of the holy prophet SAW mission was to build ……….in people


Which of the following surah described the concept of Tawheed comprehensively

(al ikhlas)

Combination of financial and physical worship is ……..


What is the first premise or demand of aqida e nabuwat 

(no discriminate among prophets)

It is the belief of …… which restrain from evil and keeps us firm on virtue


The spirit and driving force for every deed and piety is ………


Which one of the following is a comprehensive source of legislation  in an Islamic state

(Holy Quran and sunnah)

Hajj is the ……… fundamental of Islam


Which of the following has been described as a quality of the companions of the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH 

(they are quite merciful against disbelievers)

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  • isl201 midterm solved mcqs

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