Dear students in this post you will read or you can download this EDU406 Quiz 4 Solution after making the PDF file from google docs. Please copy all these EDU406 Solved MCQs then paste them into google docs where you will see a generated pdf file which is good for you to make the pdf File. This is the EDU406 - Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice Quiz 4 Solution for virtual university students who have the ED406 book and want to find the latest and most informative study solutions so that they can prepare their EDU406 for the final or mid-exams. In this EDU406 you will learn many things basics and some advances in Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice students please carefully read and understand this book and also attempt the VU lectures but if you don't like VU lectures then you can watch lectures or courses from youtube from any other institute. Also, Read EDU406 Midterm MCQs.

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MCM301, Quiz 3, Solution, MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution, MCM301 Quiz 3 Answers, MCM301 Quiz 3

Students in this post you will find or read the quiz 3 mcqs of the MCM301 of the VU book. Students please read and complete this MCM301 Quiz 3 and also help your firsts by sharing this MCM301 Quiz so that they can also get good marks. Students you can also post the MCM301 book which we uploaded on our website for the VU Student's help. Students please try to read-only and don't demand of any pdf file for the Downalod of MCM301 Quiz 3 Solution. Students this is the MCM301 - Communication Skills Quiz 3 Solution for your help and for all other help who have thE Communications Skills book. Students, please try to read the first MCM301 handout book before any quiz, notes, questions, and past papers because most papers come in papers from handouts by reading handouts you will understand all the important topics then become very easy to solve the MCM301 Quiz 3 and midterm and final terms exams. Also, Read MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term.

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 Communication, Skills, Solved MCQs, MCQs, Communication Skills MCQs With Answers, Communication Skills MCQs, Communication Skills Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

Students here will read the important as well as Interesting solved mcqs of Communication Skills Virtual University books but all or any field students can read these MCQs from our website without any charge because all the solutions on this website are free forever so please don't sell my any data but you can share our post links as Communication Skills Solved MCQs share with more students who are seeking Communication Skills MCQs but they could not find the right place like this website. This is the most important book which guides the students on how to do communication with the persons, teachers, parents and many others. so please understand all the basics and advanced topics of this Communication Skills book. Also, Read Communication-Skills-MCQs.

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 ISL202, Solved MCQs, Final Term, ISL202 Solved MCQs, ISL202 Solved MCQs Final Term, ISL202 Final Term Solved MCQs 

Students here will see the solved mcqs of the Islamic book code ISL202 Vu latest and new updates book announced for the VU Student. Therefore many students will want to find the ISL202 MCQS then we decide to uplaod ISL202 Solved MCQs our website for the help of students. Students please also read others' posts which we uploaded on our website on this Book ISL202 you will learn many things and you can easily prepare for your exams with the help of our notes, mcqs, and past papers. Students, you know we make solutions by seeking the student's requirements that solutions are helpful and students will search on google. Students, please read online we do not give any download link of PDF in this post so please read these ISL202 Solved MCQs Final Term online on our website. Also, Read ISL202 Quiz 3 Solution.

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CS610, Solved MCQs, Final Term, CS610 MCQs, CS610 Solved MCQs, CS610 MCQs Final Term, CS610  Final Term Solved MCQs, CS610 Solved MCQs Final Term, 

Students, if you are looking for more other books, solved mcqs so please come on our website and find VU Book Solved MCQs, Notes, Past papers, and much more but we also continue uploading this type of study solution. CS610 Solved MCQs are also very helpful and important for students who want to find CS610 MCQs. Students here you will many things which we already uploaded on our website and more you will see in coming days so please follow our website and visit daily for latest solutions like CS610 Solved MCQs Final Term. Students this is the CS610 - Computer Networks Solved MCQs Final Term of the Virtual University of Pakistan and this is the best online education providing university. Students this is the most interesting computer networks book if your keen interested in this book then you will learn lots of about computer networks. Also, Read CS610 Quiz 1 Solution.

 MTH621, Solved MCQs, Final Term, MTH621 MCQs, MTH621 Solved MCQs, MTH621 Solved MCQs Final Term, MTH621 Final Term MCQs, MTH621 Final Term Solved MCQs

Students in this post will read online only MTH621 important and solved mcqs but students you can not download MTH621 MCQs in pdf form because we provide you these MTH621 MCQs in pdf form images form and tell you that please read online from our website. We hope these MTH621 Solved MCQs Final Term will helpful for you and for other students. Students these are the latest mcqs but if you want to read the MTH621 book past papers mcqs so please tell us in the comments section. Students you know this is the MTH621 is a Virtual University book and the university decided the code name for the Real Analysis book for the students understanding purpose only. Also, Read MTH621 Quiz 2 Solution.

MTH621 Solved MCQs Final Term

MTH621 Solved MCQs Final Term

The topic of this post is MTH621 Solved MCQs Final Term and we add this post to the MTH621 book category. Students you know we uploaded more posts in this category so if you want to prepare your MTH621 MCQs so please visit the category and find or read more posts with MTH621 solved MCQs which we uploaded on our website for the student's help.

MTH101, Solved MCQs, Final Term, MTH101 MCQs, MTH101 Final Term MCQs, MTH101 Solved MCQs Final Term, MTH101 Final Term Solved MCQs

Welcome back students to our website we hope you continue our other solved mcqs, past papers, notes, and much more solutions that we uploaded on this website so now you will also read the important mcqs of Virtual University MTH101 Solved MCQs Final Term. Students we request to you please read and complete these MTH101 MCQs and prepare your MTH101 book for your final exams these MTH101 Solved mCQs will help you in your preparation and in your exams. This is the MTH101 - Calculus And Analytical Geometry Solved MCQs for the final term exams. Also, Read MTH101 Solved MCQs Midterm.

 Linear Algebra, MCQs, Linear, Algebra MCQs, Linear Algebra Solved MCQs, Linear Algebra Multiple Choice Questions, Linear Algebra MCQs Questions And Answers

In this post, students will read Linear Algebra MCQs on the post as many other students also read other books solved mcqs, Students this Linear Algebra Solved MCQs will help you in your paper and also help you by get good marks in your exams. Students if you belong to any other universities, schools, or colleges so you can read them Algebra MCQs because we did not add any limit on this website all the source codes and study solutions are free of cost. Students can not download these multiple-choice questions in pdf form because we promote online education, so please read online from our website and share with more students. Also, Read Linear-Algebra-MCQs.

Linear Algebra MCQs

Linear Algebra MCQs

The topic of this post is Linear Algebra MCQs and we add this post in the MTH501 book category because these mcqs have the title of MTH501 book in short form but in the real world, this is the Linear Algebra book. Students you can visit this category for more Linear Algebra MCQs Questions and other solutions related to this book.

 MTH501, Solved MCQs, Final Term, MTH501 MCQs, MTH501 Solved MCQs, MTH501 Solved MCQs Final Term, MTH501 Final Term MCQs, MTH501 Solved MCQs Final Term

Students if you are looking for the MTH501 solved mcqs online from multiple websites but now you reach the right place where you can get MTH501 Solved MCQs and more other books loved mcqs and many other study solutions like past papers, solved mcqs, notes, and much more. Students we have already another post of this book MTH501 on our website please also check this MTH501 Quiz 3 Solution. This is the MTH501 - Linear Algebra Solved MCQs for the final term of virtual university. Students from this MTH501 solved mcqs you can prepare for your final term MTH501 book exams but it is not enough only this single post to pass your final exams of MTH501 you should also read MTH501 complete book of handouts type or another soft book if you want to get good marks in this book MTH501.

MTH501 Solved MCQs Final Term

MTH501 Solved MCQs Final Term

The topic of this post is MTH501 Solved MCQs Final Term and we add this post in the MTH501 book category where we can easily add more solutions of MTH501 book when we uplaod on this website. Students please visit this and read more posts with study solutions of only the MTH501 book.

SOC101, SOC101 Solved MCQs, SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term, Final Term, Solved MCQs, SOC101 Final Term, SOC101 Final Term Solved MCQs

Dear Students if you want to find solved mcqs of the SOC101 book so here now we start to share with you the best and most helpful and important SOC101 Solved MCQs for all Vu and other students help and also such students help who have this SOC101 book. This is the SOC101 - Introduction to Sociology loved MCQs Final Term. Students we also shared some other posts from the SOC101 book so please also read them we hope all our students' solutions like SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term is helpful to the students and students can also get much of benefits from our struggle to make any post or solutions. Also, Read SOC101 Quiz 4 Solution.

SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term

SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term

The topic of this post is SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term and we add this post in the SOC101 category students you know this is the SOC101 book code of Virtual University, Whish is the best online education providing university in Pakistan. Students if you want to find More SOC101 Study Solutions please visit the above category and find more study solutions.

SOC101 Solved MCQs | Sociology

SOC101 Solved MCQs SOC101 Solved MCQs Info
Post TitleSOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term
Book CodeSOC101
Current/PastCurrent SOC101 Solved MCQs
Mid/FinalSOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term
Also, ReadSOC101 Solved Quiz
Also, ReadSOC101 Past Papers Final Term

SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term | Sociological Theory | SOC101 Final Term Solved MCQs

According to the interactionist approach , roles and identities of gender are defined by the society and transmitted  to the next generation through the process of ……………SOC101 

  1. Diffusion 
  2. Innovation 
  3. Socialization 
  4. None of the given options 

Which is the least populated province of pakistan?         SOC101 

  1. Sindh 
  2. Balochistan 
  3. Punjab 
  4. Khyber pakhtunkhwa 

In developing countries which , among other factors, may be reflective of the status of women?    SOC101 

  1. Literacy rate 
  2. Gender ratio 
  3. High sex ratio 
  4. Gender distribution 

According to the conflict theorists the double exploitation of capitalism lies in:     SOC101 

  1. Paying high wages to male labor and no wage to all for female work 
  2. Paying low  wages to male labor and no wage to all for female work
  3. All of these are the reasons of double exploitation
  4. Paying high wages to male labor and no wage to all for male work 

According to the 1998 census …………….percent of the population happens to be old persons , another group of dependents.       SOC101 

  1. Eight 
  2. Six 
  3. Four 
  4. Three 

In Pakistan from 1950 to 2005 about ………..increase in per capita income has been observed.      SOC101  

  1. 6%
  2. 4%
  3. 8%
  4. 2%

According to 2004 estimation , number of illiterate has raised to:       SOC101 

  1. 69 million 
  2. 59 million 
  3. 49 million 
  4. 79 million 

In 1998 the number of children aged 5-14 years was:         SOC101 

  1. 31.7 million 
  2. 33.3 million 
  3. 30.0 million 
  4. 19.9 million 

Among the preventive checks , which of the following is not recommended by Malthus?      SOC101 

  1. Abstinence from entering into sexual unions 
  2. To make a law  of early marriages 
  3. To marry late 
  4. To follow celibacy 

Pakistan placed in the world population wise at ………..rank.      SOC101 

  1. 8th 
  2. 10th 
  3. 5th
  4. 11th 

In which of the following perspectives there is a general emphasis on the crucial contribution of  patriarchy (male  domination) to gender inequalities?      SOC101 

  1. Interactionist perspective 
  2. Conflict perspective 
  3. Feminist perspective 
  4. Functional perspective 

Which one of the following best defines fecundity?         SOC101 

  1. The number of live births per year 
  2. Overall comparisons of births in a year 
  3. The number of live born children the average woman has 
  4. The potential number of children a normal woman is biologically capable of bearing 

According to 2004 estimation …………..percent males were literate.       SOC101 

  1. 65
  2. 63
  3. 64
  4. 66

Traditionally education was function of:       SOC101 

  1. School 
  2. The state 
  3. The family 
  4. Society 

According to the 1998 population census of Pakistan …………..of the population was female.    SOC101 

  1. 55.3%
  2. 44.7%
  3. 48.0%
  4. 52.0%

In pakistan population with NO access to safe drinking water is estimated:       SOC101  

  1. 57 million 
  2. 55 million 
  3. 54 million 
  4. 27 million 

The maximum number of years that an individual could live is known as:     SOC101 

  1. Life Span 
  2. Life history 
  3. Life Expectancy 
  4. Life insurance

The ………….is the increase or decrease that results from immigration or emigration  per 1,000 members of the population in a given year.      SOC101 

  1. Net migration rate 
  2. Emigration rate 
  3. Growth rate 
  4. Immigration rate 

Child rearing is an ………….task.      SOC101 

  1. Expressive 
  2. Instrumental 
  3. Exceptional 
  4. Impressive 

The term …………refers to the relatively permanent movement of people with the purpose of changing  their place of residence.       SOC101

  1. Emigration 
  2. Demographic transition 
  3. Migration 
  4. Immigration 

In Pakistani society mostly women perform …………tasks.     SOC101 

  1. Expressive 
  2. Instrumental 
  3. Exceptional 
  4. Impressive

Students please read SOC101 Solved MCQs again and again so that your mind can pick any mcqs then you can attempt the quiz type paper in the final exams or in quiz paper. Students please confirm all these SOC101-Solved-MCQs from your SOC101 Handouts and also give the first priority to the SOC101 handouts because all these information and important important from where these SOC101 Solved MCQs are build takes from the handouts so please read the complete SOC101 Handouts.

MCM301 MCQs, Final Term, Final Term MCM301 MCQs, MCM301 Solved MCQs, MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term, MCM301 Final Term Solved MCQs

Students if yo are the looking for the latest and updated solved mcqs of new book MCM301 may be this is book is first solutions o our website but after many days students you will see more study solutions related to this book on this study solution hub website. Students these are MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term is very helpful for such students who have MCM301 book and also looking for this MCM301 MCQs so now you reach the right place where you will find MCM301-Solved-MCQs and you can read online but this post does not have any pdf form so please read online and prepare your final term paper with the help of this MCM301 Final Term Solved MCQs. Last Post setTimeout In JavaScript With Example.

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

The topic of this post is MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term and we add this post in the MCM301 category students this MCM301 book is first post on our website but in the coming days, we will try to make the MCM301 book more posts with study solutions for students to help. 

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

MCM301 Solved MCQs MCM301 Solved MCQs Info
Post TitleMCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term
Book CodeMCM301
Current/PastCurrent MCM301 Solved MCQs
Mid/FinalMCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term
Also, ReadMTH301 Solved MCQs Final Term
Also, ReadBusiness Solved MCQs

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term | MCM301 Final Term Solved MCQs

Visual aids perform which of the following functions?        MCM301 

  1. Illustrating how things related to one another 
  2. Illustrating how things work 
  3. Emphasizing important points 
  4. All of the given options 

Which of the following is not among the drawbacks of using computerized design programs?       MCM301 

  1. Simplistic presentations 
  2. Design over presentations 
  3. Poorly conceived messages 
  4. Overly complex presentations 

When applied to business messages correctness means all of the following EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Use the right level of language 
  2. Check font style 
  3. Check accuracy of words information and data 
  4. Use correct grammar and punctuation 

In an effective writing, Emphasis stands out in two positives MCM301 

  1. The body and the end 
  2. The lead and the body 
  3. The middle and the body 
  4. The beginning and the end 

All of the following guidelines play an important part to make your writing concrete, EXCEPT:     MCM301   

  1. Use passive verbs 
  2. Use active rather than passive verbs 
  3. Use vivid image building words 
  4. Include as much specific information as possible 

Diagrams are excellent for conveying all of the following EXCEPT:       MCM301 

  1. Information about shape 
  2. Information about size 
  3. Information about structure 
  4. Information about audience 

While preparing for effective business writing Drafting stage involves all of the following, EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Developing appropriate beginning paragraph 
  2. Composing the body 
  3. Developing appropriate ending paragraph 
  4. Editing 

………….is often regarded as an undesirable thing. Which  prevents the best ideas from being updated.        MCM301 

  1. Compulsion 
  2. Compromise 
  3. Perception 
  4. Impulsion 

To keep a sentence effective , the suggested average sentence length is:        MCM301 

  1. 20 to 25 words 
  2. 17 to 20 words 
  3. More than 40 words 
  4. 30 to 40 words 

While using a flip board in presentation , a 6x6 formula is used. What does it refer to?        MCM301 

  1. 6 words in every sentence written in 6 different colors 
  2. 6 lines each having 6 words on a sheet 
  3. 6 sentences with 6 different colors on one chart 
  4. 6 cheers on flip board 

Which of the following is one of the major benefits of 35mm slides?         MCM301 

  1. The duplicated 35mm slides carry different messages to different people 
  2. The slides can be easily duplicated 
  3. 35mm slides can be used for large audience 
  4. Editing is very easy 

Which of the following is not the stage of effective business writing?       MCM301 

  1. Theater stage 
  2. Drafting stage 
  3. Planning stage 
  4. Organizing stage 

In written communication use of active verbs helps make sentences more:      MCM301 

  1. Empathetic 
  2. Concise 
  3. Specific 
  4. All of the given options 

In a well planned presentation where there is no need to record information that comes up on the spot, there may be no need for:      MCM301   

  1. Transparencies 
  2. Photographic slides 
  3. Chalk or dry erase boards 
  4. CD-ROM or DVD 

Which of the following is not a guideline for courteous writing?        MCM301 

  1. Exclude irritating expressions 
  2. Omit discourteous wording 
  3. Respond late
  4. Include meaningful apologies 

To find the right media for your presentation you need to first determine which one of the following?         MCM301 

  1. The presentation budget 
  2. Equipment and supply limitations 
  3. All of the given options 
  4. The size of your audience 

When do you think groups , rather than individuals working alone, should be used to solve a problem?       MCM301 

  1. When a quick resolution is essential 
  2. When the task is fairly simple and straightforward 
  3. When commitment to the decision is important 
  4. When the task requires a limited amount of information and skills 

All of the following are the benefits of handouts EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Handouts passed out in advance tend to cause attended to prejudge the presenter and/or the presentation 
  2. Handouts  eliminate the need for note taking 
  3. Handouts provide an accurate record of the information being presented 
  4. Handouts can be used with all types of presentation media 

Students we hope you really enjoy these MCM301 Solved MCQs and preparing for your final term MCM301 exams. Students, first of all, please read the MCM301 handouts and clear all basics and advanced concepts of this MCM301 book then you will be able to solve any type of MCM301 mcqs, and also you will get good marks if you prepare your MCM301 book Handouts.

Students please also confirm these MCM301 mcqs from your handouts or google where you are comfortable and do this because these are All MCM301 mcqs are solved by senior students on WhatsApp groups then our duty to make MCM301-MCQs complete post on our website.

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